What to expect

New Life is multi-generational family church.

In other words there’s something here for everyone. We do indeed believe in the importance of family – the entire family.  Relationships matter to us. We aren’t the kind of church interested in riding the latest fads while leaving others behind.

The most commonly asked question about visiting any church is: “What should I wear.” You don’t need to feel any pressure to dress up at New Life.

About our Sunday services…

Our Sunday mornings begin with Sunday School for all ages at 9:30 am. These aren’t anything to be stressed about, however–they are a time where we gather and study the Bible together and learn together about God. If you want to meet some people and make friends at our church (and really, who doesn’t go to a church to meet people?), you really should come to Sunday School.

We do love our fellowship time in between Sunday School and the Church service. Fancy Coffee and cookies are always served with our warm conversations and welcoming smiles. We take being a loving community seriously at New Life, and there is a 99% chance you will be greeted and welcomed by numerous people at our church.

After Sunday School, our morning worship service begins at 10:45 am. We have a “blended” worship service, meaning we sing classic hymns from a hymnal along with contemporary praise and worship songs with lyrics projected on a screen so you can easily follow along.

We are indeed a Bible preaching and teaching church; this is something you can count on and depend upon.